With our Scaling Up program, you will take the first step to grow your company. Here at Twenty Mile March, we have over 25 years of experience in company development and growth. Our firm was founded and is run by an entrepreneur who has extensive knowledge in starting and growing firms, particularly tech, IT & skilled service businesses.

We are proud to offer a remarkable program which can help any entrepreneur to really grow their company. We focus on developing clear strategies for each individual firm while taking into account their particular size, structure, people, market, values, purpose, and culture.

Our business coaching program is driven by metrics and dashboards which help to inspire and keep entrepreneurs at any growth stage, and located anywhere in the world, on track. We use the highly successful Gazelle’s Scaling Up model as the basis for much of our programs, but tailored specifically to the different size tech, IT and skilled service firms that we work with.

We have programs designed for fast-growth, well-funded startups, and for established firms with between $5M and $100M in revenue, through our programs have been successfully used by organisations with close to $1B in revenue.


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Gazelles Scaling Up Certified Coach

We provide you with an IT business coach in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, who are designed to support you at any stage past the initial start-up stage of growth, particularly firms with revenue between $5M and $100M.

Our programs are constructed to meet with the needs of the entrepreneur and their individual company. Our programs offer professional business coach methods, combined with the world’s leading fast-growth firm methodologies, such as the Gazelle’s Scaling-Up model which can be used to successfully grow any firm, especially when combined with our 5iAdapt development principles.

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Paul O’Dwyer – Gazelles Scaling Up Certified Coach, and Experienced CEO

“Our business Scaling Up coach programs are unlike any other available in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Our content is a part of a tried and tested model, specifically designed to support IT firms. All our material is designed to support entrepreneurs and their team in their day-to-day. Our growth programs haves been developed from hands-on experience and the work we have done has seen significant growth in our client’s companies.”

Businessman leading a group


Why you need to change in order to grow your firm…

You need to change because the dynamics of the IT business and how you manage outcomes is directly related to the number of people you have working for your company, and in how you manage work through them and your management team. It is further complicated by the fast-paced change of your competitors, the technology you use, and the changing needs of your clients.

Quite simply, if you don’t change, you will get stuck. Or worse, you will go backwards.

Backed by extensive research, Twenty Mile March fully understands each of the IT business growth stages, why IT firms fail to thrive, and what to do about it. Acting on this research, we have developed a set of principles known by our valued clients as the 5iAdapt principles which, when implemented, allows you to adapt to the growth changes as necessary. This, in turn, will take your business to that next level, whether it be located in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.


As your IT firm grows, it moves through different growth stages. As you transition through each stage, you, your team, and your company will need to change in order to successfully reach the next level of development.


“Quite simply, if you don’t change, you will get stuck. Or worse, you will go backwards.”



“Whilst I knew a lot of the concepts and theory the Scaling Up Workshop provided a great systematic and pragmatic methodology which if implemented in a disciplined way will clearly drive success! “

– Annabel F., Managing Director Launch Professional Services


“Paul provides examples and insights of what challenges other organisations face and how they overcame these challenges.”

– Emilio G., Regional Manger, Altis Consulting


“Getting everyone on the same page and having clarity on our core sense of purpose has had a significant impact on our business.”

– Richard F., Managing Director, FiveTen Group


“Scaling Up provides the tools to make business operate efficiently, operate successfully and grow.”

– Daniel M., Digital Engineering, Benmax


“You helped us focus issues around pricing and profitability. You have helped me personally to focus better on the CEO role.” 

– Jason C., CEO, Ballistix



“We went through 2 well planned days that has now planned our business strategy for the future and defined a list of tasks and deadlines to achieve this.”– Chris N., Service Team, DB Technologies


“After all these years, we are finally commencing a sales process. Having some visibility of the business in lead indicator terms.”

– Steve L., Managing Director, New Intelligence


“We live in a world of fractured focus. This workshop helped us to zone in on the things that really matter for our company.”

– Issac R., Head of Data Science, Altis Consulting


“Get clarity around your organisation’s purpose and BHAG and practical methods to help you achieve them..”

– Chris K., Practice Leader, Altis Consulting


Paul is the most effective business consultant I have ever experienced.”

– Bill McC, CFO, Tenfold





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