Our 25 years of success drives us to create innovative business growth solutions. In our programs, we pass the keys onto you. You will learn how to apply our development strategies to the core of your business, to create strong-yet-sustainable revenue growth. In our programs, you will learn detailed strategies in advanced management that you will be able to apply to your company through every development stage.

Our tailored, dynamic programs are ideal for customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, all of our programs have been used throughout Australia and internationally to huge success. From $3M to $100M+ businesses, we have aided in the development of companies with complex and dispersed management, multiple office campuses and a variety of structures.

Get the results you want in our comprehensive programs

Grow your IT service firm through a 12-month remarkable program with:

  • An integrated combination of the Gazelles World’s best mid-size firm education program, the 5iAdapt Growth Model, and content completely tailored to IT firms,
  • Experienced structured facilitation to apply what you have learnt immediately from an accomplished CEO and coach, and,
  • Tools to develop a winning strategy, and the effective execution disciplines to consistently achieve measurable and tangible results.

Developed by Paul O Dwyer, who has successfully navigated many businesses to success, our programs guide you through the complex stages of business development.

Achieve the results you want through a structured program. You will find further details below or contact our teams based in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.

Your Entrepreneurial Journey

I want to grow my firm…


“I seem to be stuck in growing my business.  I take the time to consider things carefully, but people are not doing what I need them to do, and I am spending way too much time solving problems, and working in the business.”



Does this describe your situation?

  • Are you the Owner, Founder, CEO or Managing Director of a IT Firm, and you are wondering how you are going to grow your firm from here?
  • Are you beyond startup and early growth stages?
  • Are you between $5M to $50M in revenue?

First off, congratulations on getting to where you are. The vast majority of businesses never get to this level of success.

However, do you seem to have good years and bad years, and maybe some ok years, but can never achieve that consistent, predictable growth?  

Or do you find that you do not have enough time to get everything done, and you cannot rely on the team of people you work with to be able to delegate or shift your focus to strategy and working “on” the business?

Or is cash sometimes tight, and you need to take a personal hit on receiving a dividend from your business, while your people have a reliable salary?

I Understand Your Situation


I know exactly where you are, I have been there myself. Having successfully started and ran a number businesses over the 25 years, I can help you change your business to deliver exactly what you need it to.  And I have helped many businesses move beyond where they are stuck and onto the path of growth again.

So, if you have come to find out more about what I do at Twenty Mile March then I will assume that are currently in either of two situations outlined next (or somewhere in between the two)?

Planning Work.

Growing Pains

Things in general are going well, but you have come to the realisation that in order for your firm to get to the next level you have to invest in yourself and your team.

Maybe your firm has outgrown it’s strategy, or it may have outgrown the people that have got it this far.

Or you simply want to out-learn your competition and make sure you always stay ahead and continue to grow and evolve using the best possible business practices and thinking.

To get to this next level is going to take a shift in thinking, and in acquiring some new skills and knowledge. And you cannot afford to learn by making mistakes.

At your current size there is too big a risk in learning haphazardly, and by trial and error.

You really need to get a proper, proven structure in place.


Stuck at a Growth Stage?

Or maybe you feel stuck? Things are not going as you want to.

You do not seem to be growing as well as you have been previously. Your people are not as happy as they used to be. You are not sure of the capabilities of the leadership and management team any more.

And there seems to be more issues and hassles on a daily basis than you remember having at any time in the past. The vibrancy, energy and fun has gone out of the workplace. You can sense that something just not seem right with your team any more.

On top of all this, your clients don’t seem to be as happy with your service and products. And your competitors seem to be winning the business that you want.

I Know Why You Are Stuck

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Alvin Tolffler, Futurist & Philosopher

Why are you Stuck?

At what point did you lose the vision and energy for your business, and when did you stop being able to grow your firm? Quite simply, when you are stressed and exhausted from always being the key person who drives your business, it’s direction and your success.

  • When sales are down, you take up the slack.
  • When workload is heavy, you pitch in.
  • When someone leaves the firm, you take on extra duties.
  • When a client is unhappy, you dive in to save the day.

Your reaction to unexpected (though usually predictable) events in the business is to double-down on your effort. But this is not the answer. You are often perpetuating the situation and making things worse. And all of this is taking a major toll on your firm, your health and your life.
You might be stuck because of your past success

Many business owners do not know how to navigate their business past the start-up and early stages, into a predictable, sustainable, profitable firm. They are at a loss at how to develop their team, the systems and processes, the structure, and the habits to ensure that business gets to it’s “optimum success” stage and keep it there.

Therefore they have firms that take up a lot of their life, does not deliver the profits they would like, and which never seems to get to that next level. Many business owners will remain an employee to themselves and a slave to their firm.

Some thoughts you might be having…

“I’d like to grow my firm, but do not have the management structures, or believe I have the right people to make it happen.”

“I am unsure about what strategic direction to move in, and my firm has a mixed track record on executing on any strategies we have developed in the past.”

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage clients, workload and profitability of projects or product development.”

“I would like to take a 4-8 week break from my firm, but it would be too difficult for me because everything is too reliant on me to make it work”

“I do not have predictability from my Sales & Marketing function, and we have a lack of structure around Sales and Marketing people, processes and systems.”


Scaling Up – I Know How You Can Change Your Situation


You can change your situation. I help my clients create a thriving, successful professional or technical service firm, so that they can:

  • Really grow their business, and get past the “speed bump” they are experiencing.
  • Run their firms with less time, with less stress, and with more predictability
  • Create a very valuable asset for their future, and provide exit opportunities on their own terms
  • Create a firm that attracts ‘A’ players and develops a reputation for being an employer of choice
  • Creates a thriving, vibrant firm that is enjoyable to work in and is highly productive and profitable
  • Creates a reputation for delivering exceptional services, products or customer support in their chosen marketplace




  • You need to see exactly what stage your business is in it’s life cycle. Then you can take the necessary corrective steps to move your business into a profitable growth stage and keep it there.
  • You need to prioritise what you work on, and free up your time, to apply a robust business model and way of operating that works.
  • You may need to make some difficult ‘people’ decisions to make sure that you have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things.
  • You need to continue to educate yourself and your people so that you are continually making your business better.

So, why don’t you find out how this can be done for you and your firm?

Scaling Up Growth Programs


Develop Your Path to Greatness

The way that you are going to create sustainable, profitable growth in your business is by firstly understanding exactly what stage your firm is at in the growth stages lifecycle. You then need to make the changes needed in your firm to successfully adapt to that stage, before you will be able to grow any further.

This is what Twenty Mile March Growth programs are designed to do; to help you grow your firm by successfully adapting your firm, your management skills, and your management teams abilities so that you have the right disciplines, structures, and processes in place that are matched to the size and needs of your business at that growth point.

Growing a firm is not about just working harder. To borrow from Marshall Goldsmith’s great book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There the evidence shows us that the success and accomplishments you have achieved up until now is not sufficient to get you where you want to go in the future.

Many Different Types of IT Service Firms in Differing Circumstances

There are many different types of IT Service Firms that operate in the IT Service Firms industry.

All of our programs have been used by:

  • Clients that operate anywhere in the world.
  • Companies ranging in size from $3M to $100M+.
  • Dispersed management teams.
  • Single or multiple geographical office locations.
  • One and two layer management structures.

Our programs are not for everyone

Some founder-operators and entrepreneurs are just not ready or prepared to change. They like the idea of growing their firm, but their firm provides a relative level of success for the moment, and they are comfortable operating where and how they are now. And that is perfectly fine. So, for these firms there is no point in going through a program that will require them to operate differently, when they really are not prepared to do this.

The greatest successes come from those who really want to grow and will consider what they need to do

However, if you do really want to grow, and you are prepared to change what you need to, then we have found that the greatest success with clients are when they are prepared to consider the following changes:

  • Are open to changes in their organisation. You need to make decisions about your team and how you operate as you grow your firm. You want to maximise the success that is possible for your firm.
  • Are willing to change their own habits, time management, and task disciplines. As a leader you are often the biggest bottleneck in your business (a bottle is always narrower at the top!). The changes that you make in yourself will be the biggest lever in your success.
  • Are willing to learn. There are so many ways in which you can operate your business, and someone out there has figured out how to do every aspect of your business better. By incorporating continual learning as part of your firm’s management and leadership cycle, you will out-learn and out-compete your competition.
  • Value a longer-term coaching relationship, and realise that results may take effort and time. Your consistent, sustainable changes come over time. By working with someone who understands how you work, and the challenges you face you will get the results that you are looking for.

Why work with us?

I am a CEO and business owner who has successfully started and grown a number of Professional and Technical Service businesses over the past 25 years. I am passionate self learner, and love sharing what I learn.

Ultimately, I understand what it is like to be responsible for growing a professional and technical service business at every stage of its development. I understand the pressures and stress that can come from growth. And lack of it. However, I found out how to successfully move through the business life cycle stages by applying some great models and knowledge to the businesses I have run.

I also have had a trusted coach for many years, so I know exactly what a coach needs to be, because I have been lucky enough to have had one when I needed it. I have been at every stage that you are going through, and I have the experience and skills needed to help you get you and your business to the point you want it to be.

We can get you on track and grow your business successfully. Just take the next step and tell me more about you.