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Paul is not currently taking on any new 12-month+ ongoing program coaching clients - However, he is still providing some one-off services below.

Paul has helped hundreds of companies successfully grow, but was limited to working with about 15 companies a year on an ongoing basis, with many staying for multi-year support.  This meant that he was regularly turning away companies that he would have liked to help. 

So, like any successful entrepreneur/founder who reaches a bottleneck, he is taking time-out over 2022 and 2023 to re-envision the next 10+ years in helping entrepreneurs grow amazing companies.

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What's Coming Next? A Better Way of Building Great Businesses

Paul O'Dwyer - Entrepreneur, Investor, Growth Expert

Paul is currently winding down his direct work with entrepreneurs and their teams.

His intent for the next few years is to develop a new way in which he can support even more entrepreneurs and businesses in the coming decades ahead; to learn quicker, achieve even better results and be better equipped to deal with the coming challenges that are unfolding globally.   

Entreprenuers today need to operate in a rapidly changing world while tackling many new challenges, including sustainability, climate change, and the shifting demography in life and work.

Paul remains involved with a number of great businesses that he has invested in over the past 10 years.

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Services Still Provided

Subject to Availability

Scaling Up Workshop

2-3 Days of the best business education for you and your team that I guarantee will be an amazing catalyst for accelerating your success and growth.  We can run this online or at a venue of your choice.

Strategy Council Establishment

To create an exceptional company, it is very important that you separate out strategy development and progress, from operational execution.  I can help you establish the who, what and how of a strategy council to ensure that you are keeping ahead of the competition, being at the front of your market, and really accelerating your company's growth.

Internal Scaling Up Leadership Program

Working on a fortnightly basis through a structured program built around your organisation's content, I can work with a team size ranging from 4-50 people online to embed many of the Scaling Up concepts used to help leaders and managers apply and effectively grow your business.

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